Student on a Break

Lucie, 19 years old, university student

Lucie just started studying medicine. The monthly allowance she receives from her parents is increasingly getting a bit too tight.

Seeing that she is an excellent mathematician, she is thinking about giving private lessons as a tutor - and she posts on Viviross. It doesn’t take long and the first person requiring a tutor contacts her.

Tennis Player

Thomas, 37 years old, IT specialist

Thomas is new in the city. He just moved into his new apartment. In his free time, this very busy workaholic’s favorite thing to do is playing tennis.


However, he hasn’t got to know anybody yet and there are no tennis players where he works. The solution for him: He posts his concern on Viviross and, in doing so, finds somebody to play with.

Happy Family

Marco and Bettina, both 34 years old

Marco and Bettina, having recently become parents, are searching for couples that have also just had a baby in order to share their experiences.


On Viviross, they find a couple who live right around the corner.

Teacher Helping Student Playing Violin

Benjamin, 45 years old

Benjamin operates a music shop and has specialized in violas. He has made up his mind to organize an event where a music student would give violin lessons to children.


He can promote him/her on Viviross.

Sunset in a City

Group: Families want to renovate a playground

A group of 78 families living in the 22 nd District ask the city administration to renovate the playground.


Since they showed up as a group, the city administration takes this matter seriously – it is naturally interested in its citizens being satisfied. By means of the Citizen Card, it is determined who actually lives in the 22 nd District.

Friends Shopping

Group: Discount for buying perfume.

A group of 855 Viennese users would like to buy perfume for Christmas. As a group, they manage to negotiate a discount of 50% with various dealers.


It is only possible to participate with the Viennese Citizen Card.

Girls with Shopping Bags

Group: Sold out! Where can I still get the dress I want?

A group of 85 Viennese communicates to Zara that a certain dress is sold out and that they would still like to have it. Zara takes action.

Mobile Phone

Peter, 54 years old

Peter would like to get reliable information on a specific surgeon in the 10 th District. There are recommendations:


For example, the patient, Sarah, on March 12, 2019. I had an operation on February 28 th and was very satisfied. Sarah does not necessarily have to appear with her name; maybe she would like to keep her operation a secret. However, with Viviross, the surgeon can always request who posted here – absolute security for everyone.

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