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Viviross Smart City Citizen Empowering is the very first platform that networks people directly in and with their city: Among one another, with local businessmen/-women, as well as the city administration. All are part of a vibrant community.


Shopping, finding a tennis partner, communicating, taking advantage of synergies, promoting an event, viewing the city map, calling a taxi – with Viviross Smart City, you have everything at a glance in your city, in just one click.

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Citizen Empowering!

But not only that: For the first time, the city administration is not the sole decision-maker; citizens can influence decisions because light is shed on what they need - Citizen Empowering! 


Those traveling in their city with the app take an active part in the urban scene, strengthen social relationships and ensure that the quality of life increases overall.


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Who is Viviross useful to?

  • Users profit from discounts that dealers/distributors, shops and service providers offer – everything in immediate proximity

  • Win-Win: Members can join to form groups: Purchasers in order to receive even greater discounts, shop operators in order to mutually profit

  • Shops and service providers – on- and offline – profit from direct contact to their (potential) customers

  • All evaluations and reviews are real – because it is only possible for the user to write one if his/her identity has been provided.

  • The city administration discovers more easily what makes the city tick and what the concerns of their citizens are...

Vienna, one of the most livable cities in the world, will be the first to profit from Smart City.

The membership is free of charge up until January 2021.

The urban network is expanded on a yearly basis.

In five years, plans are in the making to work on the development of 10-15 smart cities worldwide.

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