This is how it works

Official registration

Those who do not only want to search but want to actively participate must officially register using their Citizen Card or their Mobile Phone Signature.

As soon as electronic verification has taken place, you will  receive a Smart City Card with an electronic PIN. That means: There are only real members; no fake profiles.
Security is priority #1.

The data belonging to Smart City members is treated as strictly confidential and is not used for advertising or promotional purposes in any way.

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For Whom?

The target group includes all those that want to network within their city. Inhabitants who want to strengthen their social relationships or get involved themselves – via offers, recreational activities, groups sharing the same interest – who just want to know what is going on in their city.

Small and medium-sized companies on and offline appreciate Viviross Smart City because they have a direct line of communication to the city’s inhabitants.

Event organizers who want to make their events known, however, also real-estate agents for example, who want to sell buildings – pubs and restaurants that offer special theme nights – all those, who want to make contact with their direct environment.

Last but not least: The city administration, which offers its services.